Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zanzibar: Boat Trip

May 21, 2012

I like this picture because it reflects Swahili mannerisms translated to English. In Swahili many words are repeated. "Pole pole" (pol-e pol-e) means slowly, slowly and "poa poa" (po-a po-a) means cool, cool. Here on Friday, they're going to have Party Party...

Snorkeling trip on an old-school boat. Why do something in 30 minutes if you can do it in 2 hours?

The other boat, so you can have an idea of what our boat looked like

The island where we snorkeled. I saw a black and white banded snake (turns out they're poisonous! Would be just my luck) and a fat fish that looked like an overripe banana (seriously, yellow with brown spots).

The cleanest beach with the whitest sand I have ever experienced. Ever.

The required footprints in the sand picture...

Where the fishing boats collect when they're not out on the water...

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