Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seminar III: Complete

Soooo apparently I don't have any pictures from Paris. But it was very pretty. And cold. That's actually a good summary of Seminar III: we met with people, we saw pretty cities, and we froze in the wind and rain. I would say the highlights were a cheese tasting we did in Strasbourg, the bike tour (although it was cut short due to impending rain), visiting a voting center, and meeting with students from Sciences Po who came from disadvantaged backgrounds. When I hear from young people who are struggling to move beyond the societal expectations and frameworks they were born into, I am always re-instilled with sense of hope for our future. The world sucks, there are sucky people, and there are sucky situations, but there also always people who are trying to break down barriers, help each other, and build something better. And for that I am always grateful.

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