Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stereotypes Realized

In America we always joke about British mannerisms and tourists always want to go to a traditional pub or have "high tea" when in London, but the whole concept always seemed a little contrived to me. After all, those stereotypes are exaggerated, right? Wrong.

While in London a few weeks ago, I met up with some guys friends of mine and we took a walk around the big sights (the Eye, the Palace, the Abbey, etc). A few hours into this activity, the following conversation occurred and both men were completely serious.

#1: You know what would be nice right now? A hot beverage.
#2: You are quite right, I could use a spot of tea right now.
#1: I know exactly where to go! There is a lovely cafe on the fifth floor of this bookstore.
Me (jokingly): Oh yes, that sounds quite civilized.
#2 (seriously): Indeed.

What did we order? Tea and biscuits with jam and clotted cream.

To top it off, after meeting up with some other friends, we eventually made it to a pub called "The Snooty Fox". I love England.

Playing Crazy

A few weeks ago there was a Japanese culture week in Frankfurt and I went during my lunch break. The school that choreographed the fight scenes in Kill Bill put on an awesome performance, including a Keystone Cops-style skit where two men were chasing each other and fighting over a package. It was absolutely hilarious!

*However* I wasn't with anyone and apparently laughing hysterically in public when your friends aren't around is an invitation to crazy old men. No less than three shriveled, red-faced, white-haired old men stopped really close to me and stared, grinned, and nodded at me during the performance. Note to self: watch comedy shows with at least one other person.

Nuclear Energy

I was woken up by my neighbors this morning to be informed that I should turn my patio lights off. Apparently the other neighbors were complaining that having three lights on for a few days was "making it difficult to leave nuclear energy."

Ahhh Germany.