Friday, September 2, 2011

Hamburg! (2)

The beach, Hamburg-style!

Followed by an evening at Zur Gondel, a restaurant on one of the many canals in the city. The food at the restaurant is outstanding and they do not skimp on the food. The service was a little grumpy and slow because they didn't have the right number of seats for our reservation (not our fault) and were then forced to move tables around and serve a group with three boys under the age of 15. Nonetheless, I would say a place definitely worth visiting. You can also rent boats and if you're extra-special, have a romantic dinner on the dock (see picture below). We also saw a guy come with his dog and a picnic basket to a boat he had arranged for earlier, where he was then waiting when his date showed up. Quite the romantic, sunset gesture... (


Can you tell Hamburg is the shipping capital of Europe?

Oh yeah, a ferry boat.

And a schooner.


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Went to Hamburg to visit the fam, here's a select few pictures from the Alstervergnügen (Alster Fest) that I visited during my first day there...

This trashcan says "I wish I was a "müllionär"" because the word for trash is "müll" and for millionaire is "millionär". It's a play on words, get it?? Get it?? Of course, every time I see this picture I get that stupid song stuck in my head...

The candy is ALL PLASTIC. The real stuff is in the fridge and they just put out this crazy plastic copies to tempt you...yum...

This man told me he had the best sausage in Hamburg...I'll take your word for it.

This is one Schwarzwälder booth man asking the other to take a picture of him in his ridiculous outfit. Yes, even the salespeople thought they looked hilarious.

Chilling out on the Alster, whuuuuut

They had set up this zip line that took people back and forth so they could jump off this platform. Too cold man, way too cold.

Apparently it's a thing now to knit stuff and throw it on public spaces. I actually read an article  about a year ago about a stealth knitter who had been putting stuff on statues and what a huge deal it was and such an artistic statement. I'm not sure how cool that artist thinks it is now that it's become mainstream...

 The walk home...

Also a thing - I already posted pictures of this from my Frankfurt trip.You etch your romantic couple name into a lock, lock it on the bridge, then toss the keys overboard. Oh yes, it's just that corny. This particular lock is actually a memorial, and a much better approach to the whole lock thing, in my humble opinion.