Friday, September 2, 2011

Hamburg! (2)

The beach, Hamburg-style!

Followed by an evening at Zur Gondel, a restaurant on one of the many canals in the city. The food at the restaurant is outstanding and they do not skimp on the food. The service was a little grumpy and slow because they didn't have the right number of seats for our reservation (not our fault) and were then forced to move tables around and serve a group with three boys under the age of 15. Nonetheless, I would say a place definitely worth visiting. You can also rent boats and if you're extra-special, have a romantic dinner on the dock (see picture below). We also saw a guy come with his dog and a picnic basket to a boat he had arranged for earlier, where he was then waiting when his date showed up. Quite the romantic, sunset gesture... (


Can you tell Hamburg is the shipping capital of Europe?

Oh yeah, a ferry boat.

And a schooner.


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