Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seminar II: München

January 14, 2012

After the Ruhrgebiet and Frankfurt, we flew to Bayern to discuss cars, energy, and conservative politics. On our free day in the city, I came across the "Schäfflertanz", a traditional dance of the beer and liquor barrel producers. The tradition has been traced back to the 1700s in Munich, but spread throughout Bavaria in the 1800s. Legend has it that the dance was first performed after a plague epidemic to reassure the public that it was safe again to be out on the streets and bring social life back to normal. Regardless of origin, watching members of a guild related to beer dancing was a fitting start to my week in Munich...

Viktualienmarkt is a permanent market in the middle of the city that has developed in a bit of foodie gathering place. The stalls offer traditional and unique products, and the soup stand there makes a killer bowl of soup! If you're ever in the city on a cold day, I recommend stopping by for a bowl of soup and hearty bread...

Yes, that's right, they have a hunting and fishing museum. You can even buy some souvenirs in their museum gift little model guns and hunting dog figurines...

Too cool for school.

Cold outside? Come inside for some Kaffee and Kuchen!

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