Sunday, June 10, 2012

Seminar II: Hamburg

January 19, 2012

Since our meetings in the morning were cancelled, we got to take a touristy ride over to BallinStadt Museum, the emigration processing center where emigrants a century earlier had to wait and be checked out before immigrating abroad. It's been converted to a sort of interactive museum with mannequins and personal stories from people who were processed through the center.

Here's a fun game! Can you identify the visitors versus the mannequins?

As part of this seminar, we also met with a series of religious groups (including Muslims, Lutherans, and Protestants) to discuss the role of religion and the state in's the Hauptkirche St. Nikolai where we discussed Evangelical Christianity in Hamburg. Incidentally, this is the replacement church for the destroyed one I went up the day before...

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