Monday, June 11, 2012

Ski Vacation!!

After the exhausting seminar throughout Germany, I took a week trip to the Austrian Alps with ten other fellows. The week turned out to be a total blast with a blizzard where everyone was snowed in, cross-country skiing through beautiful scenery, ridiculously tasty spring water and alpine milk, and a final night of Rodelbahn on a 3km track (sledding).

Day 1, January 22, 2012
Arrival in Sankt Martin am Lammertal and at our vacation house, Göglgut. I kid you not, our house had a name and everyone in the village exactly which house it was when we said we were staying at "Göglgut." If you ever want to take a trip to the alps that is good for beginning and advanced skiiers (or hikers in the summer) I highly recommend renting this house and a few cars, because there are beginning slopes within walking distance of this house and more advanced slopes if you drive (or hike a little do back mountain skiing, like some of the more hardcore people in our group...).

Arrival and hints of the impending blizzard...

The town church

Snowfall from the week before

Remember that concussion I got from ice last year? Yeah, this house actually warns you ahead of time!!

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