Sunday, June 10, 2012

Seminar II: BMW

January 17, 2012

We had a whole day at BMW, meeting with various people from the company and getting a tour of the factory and the museum. In the end, I was actually a little BMW-ed-out, but I got to see the famed on-ramp where you can drive your brand new car straight to the autobahn and the BMW sense of style definitely lent itself to some fun pictures...

Bike racks outside of the BMW headquarters...can you smell the irony?

The famed on-ramp. They move your car directly from the factory across the street to a spot below this stage and when you arrive your car is raised up to you (talk about showmanship!). Then a BMW representative explains all the details of your car while you drool over your new purchase. When you're ready to go, you hop into the car and vroom vroom down that ramp and straight onto the street. The wildest thing is that this service includes shipping. You can take a road trip around the autobahns of Germany and then drop the car off at a harbor somewhere to be shipped to wherever you live. I'll let you make your own judgements about that...

Watching the luxury of it all...

This is "BMW Individual" for people who want to custom-design their car to match...their living room and piano?

The BMW Museum

Walking back across the street from the museum

They pull that little blue car out every hour or so and drive it around their exhibition hall. A particular favorite with the children's birthday parties (I kid you not, there was a children's birthday party there)

BMW-style office decor

And of course, a picture of something we ate that day. Lemon cream and raspberry ice cream tart with a toasted marshmallow top

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