Saturday, July 7, 2012

New York: First Day in the City

To Do List:
1. Carry suitcase up five flights of stairs. Check. (ok, so someone else did it for me. It was heavy, ok?!)
2. Eat bagel and cream cheese. Check.
3. Get creative with extra-small closet. Check. (Don't have my winter clothes here yet, that should be interesting...)

So this is it people. First day in New York City. And this time I've moved without a return ticket or a known timeline, which means I'm freaking out a little. Literally the first time I've signed on to something that has no known end-date and my friends are dispersed in other cities. Operation: Get Friends to Relocate to New York had already begun months ago, but chances of success appear slight to none, meaning I'm on my own until I make new friends here. Assessment: scary but with positive outlook.

And so it begins. Welcome to my new life.

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