Sunday, July 29, 2012


I keep meaning to blog about my time in Istanbul, through a mini-series that talks about touristy things and the less-explored parts of Istanbul, but I am having difficulty balancing the prose and emotions that I feel with the practical, do-this/do-that aspects of writing a mini-guide. Even if one ignores the whiny, self-indulgent anecdotes in his book, Pamuk's descriptions of Istanbul still fail to capture the full extent of life and living in Istanbul, making me wonder if anyone is capable of harnessing that beast of a city to paper. In any case, my part-time slapdash bloggery isn't going to reach success, and attempting even a partial transcription has been a painstaking process, which is why it's delayed.

In the meantime, our friend Kenan has written a truly thoughtful mini-series of his own, exploring his relation to the city and the impact it had on us all: Remember that time in Istanbul...?

I highly recommend reading it.

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