Monday, July 9, 2012


When I was 13, I visited New York for the first time. And part of our tour included getting up bright and early (by my standards!) to hang around the Today show and hope we got on television. I remember people in our group freaking out as Al Roker walked around, and after a performance from the cast of Les Miserable, we left to continue the rest of our day. I was incapable of realizing then the full circle my life would come.

So you can imagine my surprise I walked to work for the first time today, only to find myself standing in front of the Today show as Al Roker walked around shaking hands. Over a decade later and the man was still there, doing his thing. And I had gone from an obnoxious junior high student to an employee - in his building.

That's right ladies and gentlemen. My office is a few floors above the Today Show and every morning I shall start my work day with a glimpse of Al Roker, and on some mornings (like today), Matt Lauer. I literally could not not stop grinning like a maniac for half an hour because I felt so utterly cool and New York-y.

I chatted up one of the security guards, too, and she said on Fridays they have concerts and she got to see Kanye and Justin Bieber in the last few weeks. Apparently people camp out on Thursday to see the performance on Friday. I won't be doing that because when I asked my coworkers about it, they said we can hear the concert from our office. Jealous yet?! I'm jealous of myself.

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