Monday, July 9, 2012

Geek Girl!

While I was walking home today a girl was holding up a sign advertising a comic book and other nerdy stuff store. I've noticed in NY there are a lot of people holding signs pointing to particular stores: "Buy and seLL gold and SILBER!" or "Come to get your paycheck advance today!". But the comic store sign was unique, and it was being held by a girl who clearly knew about the merchandise they sold.

A stereotypical nerd guy (glasses, inappropriate and slightly uneven facial hair, and a nasally voice) had taken the opportunity to chat her up and seeing as she was paid to stay there, I considered her to be a captive audience. While I was walking by I overheard his analysis of the latest Marvel creation and her quiet "mmm hmmm." I can't really know their relationship and perhaps they already knew each other, but I would like to imagine that they just met for the first time and his detailed knowledge of her favorite comic book with the intricate but sensitive assessment of some superhero's superability perked her interest enough to go to coffee with him later. Who knows, maybe they're already talking about their second date.

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