Saturday, August 13, 2011

Volvo Rap

I was walking down the street with a few friends when we noticed extremely loud rap music coming from somewhere. As we walked down the block towards the intersection, it became apparent that the music was coming from one of the four cars stopped at the red light but it was so unbelievably loud, we couldn't pinpoint the precise car it was emanating from. We reached the beginning of the row of cars...

Not the red truck...
Not the grey Opel...

The next car was a silver volvo sedan, the classic family car. Laughing, I turned to my friends and yelled, "What if the music was coming from the volvo?? That would be hilarious!"

Then as we were walking past the Volvo, the man in the passenger seat leaned out and the window and shouted, "It would be, but the it's not coming from us!!"

That made my day.

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