Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Please respond!

I'm messing around with my photo system so that the blog doesn't take as long to load.

The idea right now is to post excessive amounts of photography in slide show format (see last post). Please let me know if you like this better, or would prefer to have the pictures all laid out. The alternative option is to post an entry cut, where you would link to a new page if you wanted to see whole post, including the pictures. I unfortunately cannot seem to figure out the HTML code for that...if someone shows me how to do it, that will be the third option!

Option 1: leave it the way it was
Option 2: Switch to slide shows
Option 3: someone shows me how to "cut" my blog post


  1. Hey Melis,
    I would just leave it the way it was. I never noticed any issue with the blog loading slowly and I like seeing the photos in between the text.
    Alternatively you can do a page break so only the first part of your blog post shows and then it says "read more" as a link you can click on.
    In order to do that you don't even need to format the html but just click on "Insert Jump Break", it's the button two over from the "image" button.
    That should do the trick. Hope Berlin is treating you well. :-)

  2. Holy crap, I was looking for that darn button and could not for the life of me find it. Thanks!! Definitely going with the page break on the longer picture posts.