Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obst und Gemüse

One of my favorite food things in Germany is how darn affordable fresh fruits and veggies are. I'm not necessarily talking biofoods, just anything that is not canned, jarred, frozen, dried, pureed or dehydrated. Pretend you get paid in Euros (like me). Then imagine that bananas are 60 cents/kilo, nectarines are 75 cents/kilo, tomatoes are 99 cents/kilo, lettuce is 50 cents/head, and cucumbers are 80 cents/large cucumber.

I spent a grand total of 4 euros on smoothies for a week (bananas, nectarines and soy milk). I spent another grand total of 7 euros on salad for a week (lettuce, cucumbers, vine-ripened tomatoes, salad dressing, feta). Add another 5-10 euros for dinner items like pasta, sauce and veggies, and I'm getting a full week's meal for 20 euros!! Then I also get fresh strawberries and coconut for snacks. I know that this changes with the seasons and the variety will be less in the winter, but it's still pretty awesome. I can't remember the last time I ate so many fresh fruits and vegetables.


Let's just forget about the fact that I end up buying coffee and eating out for lunch nearly every day. I'll cut back on that. I swear.

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