Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bahn Musicians

Since I've been spending the last few days sightseeing, I have passed more time on the U-Bahn (subway) than usual. In one day I experienced a boy with a trumpet playing "Tequila!", a group of three with a trumpet, tambourine, and speakers playing "hit the road Jack", and a man playing on his harmonica. They switch Bahn cars at every station and then play a quick song in between stops for tips.

What's so funny about this are the public reactions. The second someone pulls out their instrument and starts playing, the tourists immediately begin going "oh look!" and "how nice!" and pointing. The Berliners let out a collective sigh and roll their eyes, as in "not agaaaaaaaain...." By the third time, I could understand why Berliners who travel often might have that response.

Interestingly, despite the tourists' delight and the Berliners' dismay, when the musicians are done playing and walk around for tips, it's usually the Berliners who pull out a coin or two for their cup...

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