Monday, December 20, 2010


SOOOOOOO, I was thrilled this morning because I knew that I would be finishing my final final, I would getting a new fridge and stove/oven, and I would get to just watch freaking tv while I clean the house. Yippppppeeee!

But Karma said, "Hey! No good stuff without something aggravating. Here you go, my gift."

So when the Sears people came today to replace the broken down oven and bring a new fridge (awesome holiday gifts from the landlady), they also managed to hit a pipe and cause a leak where our washer/dryer connects...ha. ha. ha.

Luckily I heard the dripping before they had gotten into their truck so they came back and temporarily fixed it. A repair person should come by in "48-72 hours" to fix it permanently so it's not actually that bad. Just aggravating. Danged Karma.

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