Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated!! I just had a load of stuff happen all at once. My brother came, then my friend came unexpectedly, then orientation started and advising started and all of a sudden I have my first day of class.

My brother came for 2 full days and 2 half days and with very high aspirations. We saw the Natural History museums, the American Hist museum, the Native American museum, the National Art Gallery East and West, the Botanic Gardens, the Library of Congress Jefferson Building, Georgetown campus, Georgetown downtown, the Modern Art Museum, the Portrait Gallery, Chinatown, the National Monument and the Lincoln Monument.

Do understand the magnitude? One day we did six different things. ONE DAY. My legs were about to fall off.

My program at Georgetown is fantastic. We have the smallest program with 40 people, which means my class is only 20 people. All of our faculty have offices around the Eurolounge, which is an awesome place where we get to sit around, surf the internet or watch soccer games on our huge tv. There's also a little library, in case we want to study.

My cohort is full of awesome people and we've been doing all sorts of social events during the past week. I got free breakfast and lunch during Thursday and Friday orientation, free dinner Saturday and Monday and free lunch on Tuesday. I may be paying for my program, but at least they feed me!!

I'll update more on interesting events in more detail later hopefully. I had to breeze through this entry because I'm so darn behind. Bis spater!

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