Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life Rolemodel

Growing up, Jane Goodall was always a role model for me. She was a pioneer in science, she was a pioneer for women and now she's an activist who travels 350 days a year speaking about her work. Although I never actively followed her career, she was someone I tried to emulate in aspirations, actions and determination. So when I heard she was coming to campus, I had to go.

Words cannot explain. As another girl in my program put it: "I'll consider myself successful when I'm 75 and can stand on stage, tell off the director of a college program, hoot like an ape and stand in front of a ridiculous puppet while a whole room full of people applauds."

She also did a Q&A where some of the kids she's worked with came up to the microphone with questions. The kids' questions were much more insightful, but isn't that always the case? Honestly, why ask about "what specific piece of legislation would you enact" if you could ask "if you could have one wish, what would it be?"

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