Monday, August 17, 2009

puppy love and flip flops

So our delightful dog has decided she's a hider. She takes things, and hides them. Normally it's not a problem because her idea of "hiding" it putting something behind a table, where we can all see it anyway. However, she has this rawhide bone that she is somehow very good at hiding. Last time when we finally found it, it was in my roommate's bed under the sheets. Well, she hid her bone again and we still haven't found it...and it's been three days.

In other news, we were on the news. We were walking to the dog park when this car pulled up next to us and asked if they could interview us about our flip flops. We were like, "Well, we're from California, so we're not sure we can really say anything..." And she says, "perfect!"

So we go, OK. And all of a sudden she gets really dramatic and says "Did you know that your flip flops carry 18,000 microbes? How does that make you feel?" We're like, wait, you were cute and perky two seconds ago and now you're using scare tactics. WTF. We answered her questions as if she was a silly girl (the desk at work where you eat is dirty, the money you touch is really dirty and you touch it with your hands and not your feet). In other words, is this really what you care about? Then they turn the camera off and she's all cute again, "I know, it's so funny. I mean, I wear these heels on the metro all the time." So we kind of smiled, walked on and forgot about it.

The next day, we get a text saying, "saw you with your dog and roommate on tv this morning. Very cute." This cannot seriously be our claim to fame...

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