Friday, May 4, 2012


Yay! I'm now almost only five months behind on posting. I know, fail. It's strange posting about Christmasmarkets in Berlin while I am in the rainy season in Rwanda. I WILL catch up, eventually. I promise. I hope. *sigh*.

I happened to catch the opening of the Christmas Market in Gendarmemarkt in Berlin, one of the few markets that actually charges. I'm not sure why they charge, it's not that awesome of a market. But I got to see a choir performance and the opening ceremonies, so I'm not complaining! I also met one of the Berlin hockey team players, some guy from Canada (Yes, Germany imports Canadian hockey players and American basketball and football players for their city teams. Don't ask.).

 I wish I could say I know who these people are, but I really really don't.

The Berlin Mascot!

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