Wednesday, May 9, 2012

London: Breakfast Club and Flower Market

May 11, 2011

I went to meet up with Becky, an awesome friend of a friend, on Sunday. We found ourselves at the Breakfast Club for....breakfast! I got a vegetarian English breakfast, which I have to say was quite delicious. The veggie sausage was quite tasty and as always, I love me some baked beans.

Then we meandered over to the Columbia Road Flower Market, where sellers were hawking their flowers over the sounds of sweet sweet street music. I love markets of all shapes and sizes. They are very possibly one of my favorite activities wherever I may be, and I will in all probability pick a market over a museum any day. This one was no exception. Despite being relatively empty on account of rain, it was crowded, difficult to navigate, and an assault on the senses as sellers yelled over each, people jostled into each other, and the scent of flowers mingled with fresh rain.

Breakfast Club

Columbia Road Flower Market

Want to get your hair and make-up done in vintage style? They got that!

Want a dry place to chill away from the rain? They got that, too!

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