Tuesday, May 8, 2012

London in December

From: December 10, 2011
I got to take a business trip to London, so naturally I took the opportunity to go earlier and spend the weekend. I was hosted by the fantastic Mr. Kershaw, who made it his mission to keep me entertained. Hats up to you sir!

On my first day we went to a breakfast place by his house, where we ended up sitting next to what appeared to be band members enjoying breakfast together, only they were having the sort of conversation you would imagine at a 13-year-old-girl's sleepover. *Apparently* one guy was having girl issues, and you see, he really really loves her, but he's tired of her b.s. And his friends think she's just messing with him because she can and he should just leave her and they're tired of always having this conversation. Ohhhh, he knows that, but when it's good, they're just so good together. The conversation was amazing and when I ignored their shaggy hipster look and late-twenties age, it took me right back to middle school. I definitely understand now how alternative/pop bands manage to write so many whiny romance songs.


Most of these pictures are obviously edited for coloring and light (I got Paint.net recently and I've been having a field day with graphic editing), but I took them all during our touristy foray into London.

It's London people! Spiry buildings and double decker busses!

Protest against the elections in Russia, particularly regarding Putin. Ironic, really, that I post these pictures the day after Putin is sworn in as president again. I wonder if Medvedev will disappear into anonymity or develop a sudden case of radioactive poisoning...

London closed off a few major roads for the holiday shopping season, and they thought it would be fun if they had old-timey vehicles on display. One of K's friends' Dad owns the lovely steam-operated firetruck below, so we went to check it out!

 Old-timey picture! (Yes, I've reverted to elementary school editing. It's fun, ok?!)

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