Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dog updates

SO, we finally decided to send Lucille back because she was going crazy. She needs meds or something and we couldn't deal with that with our schedules. We got adorable Mini Orbit, who at 15 pounds and six years is tiny and mellow. She learned to stay out of the kitchen quickly and never acted crazy.

Except that we left her in her crate for a few hours, she pushed the bottom of the crate out and then destroyed the carpet. Completely destroyed it. And then she threw up on the floor for good measure.

So she went back tonight and now we're fostering a new dog, Molly. Molly is bigger than both Lucille and Orbit, but is also mellow and learns tricks quickly. We're playing cautious separation games tomorrow to see how she does while we're out of the house (without actually leaving her to destroy the house). We'll see...

If this one doesn't work out, we're taking a dog break until next year....

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