Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sins of Our Luggage

Getting to Berlin proved more challenging than expected. The last time I moved to Germany for the longer-term, I was going for school. Since I didn’t own any winter clothes (coming from California) and since I didn’t need any work clothes, the trip was completed relatively easily with two, perfectly packed suitcases. This time around, I stuck to two suitcases again. Only throwing in winter clothes and work clothes meant that the two suitcases were overflowing and overweight.

Arriving at Dulles, I looked around and quickly grabbed the insanely overpriced moving cart and brought it over to the shuttle. I had already plastic wrapped and taped one of the suitcases shut because I was afraid it might burst open in transit. What I did NOT expect was that the other suitcase would be the traitor, and that its treason would have nothing to do with the zipper. As I started to lift the suitcase onto the moving cart, I head a metallic *snap*! Looking around the side, I discovered that the stand on the bottom of the suitcase had broken off. On its own, a relatively small problem. However, since the wheels were still intact, I also couldn’t lean the suitcase against anything either. Whenever I tried to lean it on something, the wheels would start to roll and the suitcase would casually slide to the ground like a drunk hobo. Unable to deal with the issue at the time, I simply got into line and checked my bags. I would deal with their problems of obesity and public intoxication when we arrived at the other end.

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